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At the headquarters of the Center ESF Language Service, Via Milano 28 – Casagiove, CE (near the motorway exit Caserta nord, province of Naples, Italy)

Write your question on the E-mail: info@esflanguageservice.com

Or call for information and further details to Luigia: +39 338 9228520


Io e mia figlia siamo entusiaste dell’insegnante! Luigia è una persona fantastica! Una professionista! Ha il dono di saper spiegare in modo semplice e interessante; ha pazienza e rispetto per lo studente. Le lezioni sono molto produttive; non ci sono momenti di difficoltà, tutto fila liscio come l’olio. Abbiamo già notato dei risultati, siamo solo all’inizio certo, ma è comunque un’ottima cosa: abbiamo imparato a leggere, a scrivere alcune semplici frasi, e un certo bagaglio lessicale ha iniziato ad esserci. Grazie infinite a lei!

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The number of people who study and speak Italian is constantly increasing. The most common motivation is cultural enrichment followed by study, work or tourism needs. Italian is a language of culture, it is the language of Dante, of great artists, philosophers and writers. What distinguishes the Italian language from the neolatine languages is its musicality that makes it easy and pleasant to learn. Speaking Italian is a resource for human development from a cultural and professional point of view and an indispensable tool for adequate social and cultural integration.


The ESF Language Service provides a modern teaching method that focuses on the specific needs and requirements of each student. The highly qualified staff with years of experience in the field ensures a progressive learning of the Italian language, which takes into account all language skills (oral and written productive ability, oral and written receptive ability). In this way, the learner will be able to interact and use the language in any communicative context.


  • The preparation and achievement of each level, depending on the learner's response, can take 30, 60, 90 hours for each level.
  • The course (individual or group) is usually planned in 2 lessons per week, each of 90 minutes; 1 lesson per week of 2 hours.
  • The lessons of the individual course will be scheduled at the time of enrollment.
  • The intensive course consists of 3 lessons per week of 2 hours each.


At the headquarters of the ESF Language Service Centre, Via Milano 28 - Casagiove, CE

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