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Italian language course for foreigners

How the course is structured

  • the preparation and achievement of each level, depending on the learner's response, can take 30, 60, 90 hours for each level.
  • the course (individual or group) is usually planned in 2 lessons per week, each of 90 minutes; 1 lesson per week of 2 hours.
  • the lessons of the individual course will be scheduled at the time of enrollment.
  • the intensive course consists of 3 lessons per week of 2 hours each.

Italian language course for foreigners for adults, children and teenagers

Preparation of celi certification, cils common European framework of reference for languages (self-assessment sheet)

Why learn Italian?

The most common motivation is cultural enrichment followed by needs for study, work or tourism. italian is a language of culture, the language of Dante, of great artists, philosophers and writers. what distinguishes the italian language from the neolatine languages is its musicality that makes it easy and pleasant to learn. speaking italian is a resource to grow from a human, cultural and professional point of view and is an indispensable tool for adequate social and cultural integration.

Why choose esf language service?

the esf language service centre ensures an avant-garde method of learning centred on the specific needs and requirements of each learner. highly qualified staff with years of experience in the sector ensures progressive learning of the italian language, which takes into account all linguistic skills (oral production skills, written production skills, oral receptive skills, written receptive skills). in this way, the learner will be able to interact and use the language in any communicative context.

  • Understanding
  • A1 Basic user

I can recognize familiar words and very simple expressions, as long as people speak slowly and clearly I can understand frequently used expressions and words.

A2 Basic user

I can grasp the essentials of short, simple and clear messages and announcements.

B1 Independent user

I can understand the main elements of clear standard language speech on familiar or everyday topics. I can understand long speeches and follow even complex arguments.

B2 Independent user

I can understand most news and TV broadcasts about current events. I can understand a long speech even if it is not clearly structured.

C1 Advanced User

I can understand a long speech even if it's not clearly structured. I can understand television broadcasts and films without too much effort.

C2 Advanced user

I have no difficulty in understanding the spoken language. I can easily understand practically all forms of written language, including theoretical texts, specialist articles and literary works.

Materiali per imparare l'italiano

Favole in italiano:

Biancaneve e i sette nani

Snow White and the seven dwarves (Biancaneve e i sette nani)

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all... have you guessed what fairy tale we're talking about? Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is one of the most famous fairy tales that exist, so much so that Walt Disney decided to make his first animated feature film using this fantastic story. We from ESF Languageservice have prepared our version for you, we hope you like it!

Listen to a fairy tale

Download pdf

I tre porcellini

The Three Little Pigs (I tre porcellini)

The 3 little pigs is a classic fairy tale that is always told to children, and the reason is more than valid! Not only does it teach you how to watch out for the big bad wolf, but it also teaches you how to do things right and unhurriedly. The only little house that in fact resists the wolf's fury is the one built calmly and with solid and resistant bricks. We from ESF Languageservice have prepared our version for you.

Listen to a fairy tale

Download pdf