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Skype lessons


Center ESF Language Service, Via Milano 28 – Casagiove, CE (near the motorway exit Caserta nord, Italy)

Write your question on the E-mail: info@esflanguageservice.com

Or call for information and further details to Luigia: +39 338 9228520


Io e mia figlia siamo entusiaste dell’insegnante! Luigia è una persona fantastica! Una professionista! Ha il dono di saper spiegare in modo semplice e interessante; ha pazienza e rispetto per lo studente. Le lezioni sono molto produttive; non ci sono momenti di difficoltà, tutto fila liscio come l’olio. Abbiamo già notato dei risultati, siamo solo all’inizio certo, ma è comunque un’ottima cosa: abbiamo imparato a leggere, a scrivere alcune semplici frasi, e un certo bagaglio lessicale ha iniziato ad esserci. Grazie infinite a lei!

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Online foreign language lessons.

Skype: perhaps the best known and most used software, with Skype you can make video calls and start chat completely free (and encrypted) when all interlocutors are connected to the internet and the Skype client, both from the desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux) and from smartphones (Android, Apple, Blackberry and Windows). In addition, through the SkypeOut service, you can call fixed and mobile phone numbers at very low rates. One of the strengths of Skype is certainly the ease to send files securely and share your screen with our interlocutor.

We offer online lessons in:

  • Italian language for foreigners
  • English language
  • Spanish language
  • French language

For all levels: A1,A2-B1,B2-C1,C2

For all language skills: speaking, writing, listening, reading & understanding.

Learning a foreign language is one of those things you don't do yourself. Language, or communication, is an exchange that takes place between two or more people. Apart from a few extraordinary episodes, how many times do you find yourself talking out loud on your own? (I hope the answer is never or almost never...)

Precisely because language requires a voice, it is natural to understand how to learn English requires an interlocutor. For learning reasons, our interlocutor will need to have an excellent command and knowledge of the language, so that we can be guided on this wonderful journey of learning.

Lessons in English, Spanish, French, Italian online with an experienced teacher, therefore, facilitate and encourage conversation and learning new vocabulary.

Start your English lessons online with Skype now!

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