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Spanish Language Course


DELE level A1

This diploma shows that the student can communicate in an elementary language in situations of communication that relate to basic needs or everyday topics.

DELE level A2

This diploma certifies that the student is able to understand the suggestions and everyday expressions of frequent use related to the areas of relevant experience (basic information about himself and his family, shopping, sightseeing, work).

DELE B1 level

level B1 indicates ability:

Understand the main points of clear and standard language texts; deal with most situations that may arise during a trip; write simple and consistent texts on familiar topics; describe experiences, events, desires and aspirations; and briefly justify opinions.

DELE B2 level

Level B2 indicates ability:

Free and natural communication with native speakers; preparation of clear and detailed texts on various topics; understanding of basic ideas of complex texts.

DELE C1 level

It demonstrates linguistic competence sufficient to acquire a wide range of extended texts and to recognize implicit meanings; the ability to express oneself freely and spontaneously; the flexible and effective use of the language for social, scientific and professional purposes; and, finally, the preparation of clear, well-structured and detailed texts showing the correct use of the mechanisms of organization, formulation and negotiation of the text.

DELE C2 level

It demonstrates the linguistic competence necessary to handle any situation with full efficiency, demonstrating the spontaneous ability to adapt to any context with a high degree of accuracy, and the user demonstrates a fine range of nuances that gives natural mobility to all his interventions.

When: day and time are agreed with the student.

Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world after Chinese, and also the second most popular language in international communication, which will expand employment opportunities in major world markets where there is a strong demand for workers who speak Spanish. In addition, it allows travel, without difficulties and inconveniences due to language barriers, in one of the 21 official Spanish language countries, without mentioning many countries where it is widely used.

Training is provided on an individual and group basis, depending on your level of competence and desire.

Below is a brief description of the skills provided by the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) levels:

Level A1 (basic)

Understanding and using familiar and everyday expressions, very simple language to meet basic needs.

Ability to introduce yourself and/or introduce someone, ask simple questions and answer the same questions.

The ability to communicate in a simple way when another person speaks slowly, clearly and in a spirit of cooperation.

Level A2 (basic)

Understanding of frequently used isolated suggestions and expressions in relation to priority needs and use (e.g. personal, simple and known information, purchases, nearby locations and workplaces).

Communication of simple and well-known content, exchange of simple and direct information on familiar topics.

The ability to easily describe a person, his or her life and to communicate basic needs, the ability to easily describe a person, his or her life and to communicate basic needs.

Level B1 (autonomy)

Understanding the key points in a speech expressed in an understandable and standard language in relation to familiar subjects such as work, school, entertainment.

The ability to manipulate situations such as travel and social events, to make simple and understandable speeches on familiar topics and in areas of one's own knowledge, to talk about an event, experience or dream, to describe a hope or purpose and to briefly explain the reasons and explanations for a project or idea.

Level B2 (autonomy)

Understanding the content of a complex text, including technical discussions within their field of expertise. Ability to communicate spontaneously and confidently so that a conversation with a native speaker does not cause tension, to express clearly and in detail their views on a wide range of issues, to express their opinions on relevant topics, and to list all the pros and cons of the various options.

Level C1 (Skill)

Understanding a wide range of complex and lengthy texts, recognizing implicit meanings, expressing oneself freely and naturally, and using language flexibly and effectively for social, professional and academic purposes.

Level C2 (Skill)

Ability to summarize information from various sources, both oral and written, and to structure topics into a complete presentation, spontaneously, very fluently and accurately express themselves, highlighting the most subtle nuances of meaning in complex situations.