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Literary translation

Types of literary translation services

Our agency ESF LANGUAGE SERVICE in Luigia Palmiero provides the following translations from English, Spanish and French into Italian:

  • Translation of novels, short stories, novels.
  • Translation of film texts, songs, poems, ballads.
  • Translation of literary and critical articles.
  • Translation of advertising materials with literary content.
  • Translation of magazines and articles.
  • Translation of other texts.

Literary translation

Literary translation is a very specific and particular type of translation. It requires specific linguistic preparation and skills, a particular sensitivity to language, a certain creativity, a good ability in the artistic and figurative exposition of speech.

Characteristics of literary translation

  1. The style of the original text is maintained.
  2. The author's voice and emotionality are maintained. It is the translator's responsibility to carry out the translation in accordance with the choice of the author's lexicon, the word runs, and to search for expressions that are at least equivalent to the source language.
  3. A creative approach to translation. However, this does not mean that the translator can change the meaning and/or content of the original text. Creativity lies in the mastery of choosing - in the course of translation - the right synonyms, epithets, metaphors, so that the translated text is as natural and readable as the source text.
  4. Adaptation of the translated text to the cultural characteristics and mentality of the country of the target language.

Each book is a source of knowledge, a way to broaden horizons, learn about the world of foreign literature, become more educated and enlightened. Illustrative material in a foreign language cannot be understood without the intervention of a professional translator.

Professional skills distinguish the services of the ESF Language Service agency and confirm the trust and loyalty of our clients.

We guarantee quality translations thanks to the competence and reliability of our experts. Professionals in the field who preserve the style of the author and respect the form, rhythm, musicality and register of the text.

We translate texts and books already published or to be published from English, Spanish, French into Italian.

To get a free quote, or a free trial of one or two folders, send the document to the attention of Luigia Palmiero at: lpalmiero@lesflanguageservice.com, in word format.