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ESF Language Service

Your reference language studio

The centre ESF Language Service was founded in the very first months of 2016 and its main objectives are: to provide linguistic services such as training, laboratories, teaching and linguistic assistance, publishing services, linguistic intermediation and translations; to spread activities of a social and cultural nature.

The training services offered are one-to-one or group-based, in both cases the teaching plans are tailored – in advance or during training.

The Center also operates in schools: kindergarten, primary and secondary schools where it proposes laboratories and extracurricular activities and where the activity takes place with an educational and aggregative function with cultural and learning purposes.

La caratteristica principale che ci contraddistingue è sicuramente l’affidabilità e la correttezza nello svolgere la nostra attività. La qualità è garantita con l’impiego di soluzioni e assistenza personalizzate, consentendo di ottenere risultati oltre le aspettative.

Lavoriamo con serietà e professionalità assicurando attendibilità e fiducia per tutti i nostri servizi.


The main objective of the Center is the customer satisfaction and the creation, from the every beginning, of a relationship that respects its expectations.

At the center of our commitment is the customer who must always be informed and updated on his progress and on the evolution of the study plan; who must have valid advice for the most suitable solution for every need; that must achieve the best results; who must have total control by qualified and up-to-date personnel.



ESF Language Service is able to offer the customer a range of services with the utmost care and quality. The languages ​​with which he works are English, Spanish, French, Italian for foreigners.

  • Individual and group courses
  • Recovery courses
  • Business courses
  • After school assistance
  • Educational projects and language laboratories for kindergartens, primary and secondary schools
  • Monothematic seminars of grammatical structures
  • Translations
  • Linguistic intermediation
  • Editorial and Literary Services


  • Translations CV
  • Medical and scientific translations
  • Marketing and communication translations
  • Web Site Translations
  • Linguistic Assistance and Negotiation Interpretation c / o Maison & Objet Exposition – PARIS (January 2017)
  • International Management on behalf of CORSIERICORSI at Maison & Objet – PARIS (September 2017)
  • CLIL INGLESE, Training course (30 hours) for teachers at the public school Istituto Comprensivo ‘F. Collecini’, San Leucio – Caserta (in progress, November 2016 – May 2017)
  • 20-hour intensive English language course for adolescents at Caserta’s Learning Format with certificate of attendance (July 2016)
  • Kids English Lab (English Language Laboratory for children): interactive linguistic project 90 hours at LUDOTECA ‘LA TROCCIOLA’ – Cultural Association, San Leucio – CE (2016/2017)
  • English language preparation for passing the qualifying exam for the fifth year of high school (2016/2017)
  • English course for children aimed at reaching the Movers / Flyers level
  • After-school English, Spanish and French language for high school students.
  • Preparation of English and Spanish for business managers.
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