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Why learning or improving English? In a connected world as the one we live, if you want to travel, interact with people no matter where they are from, if you want to have access to further resources, information and international news, or simply if you want to expand your career opportunities, you have to speak English!

The English course is for children, teenagers and adults who want to study or improve the language enhancing the following skill:
– listening
– interaction
– grammar
– reading
– pronunciation
– writing
– vocabulary

Attendance: once or twice a week

Duration of class: 60/90 minutes.

Operating methods: face-to-face or online classes.

Methodology: classes arranged for individual or/and small-group classes whose students have a homogeneous level of language, in order to get every attendee engaged and to give everyone the chance of interacting during the lessons, both with the other students and with the teachers.

Teaching materials: books are recommended by the teacher, who also provides audio-video and other type of materials if needed, but mostly, daily life interaction simulations and discussions to encourage and improve the appropriate spoken language and communication skill.

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